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"You Can’t Improve What you Don’t Measure"

If you want to improve your grades, we can help - starting right now.
We make it easy for you to keep up with your classes, grades, schedules and assignments.
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Track Your Grades - Fast and Easy

We make it easy to track your grades for each your classes.

Grade Entry

We make it easy to track all of your grades and instantly know where you stand in your class at all times. Knowledge is power! Go on, get some power ...

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Predict Your Success

This is the fun part - we love the analysis of the odds!


You know how the story goes - what do I need to make on the final exam to get an 'A' or 'B' ... we do the work for you! 

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Learn from the Masters

GradeShark was developed by 2 stellar students with near perfect GPAs
(ok, one was actually a perfect 4.0 all the way through a masters program - just saying).

GradeShark was founded by excellent students - student who know how to succeed. Hear their story. Track and manage classes like successful students.

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